Real time visualization

Project visualization and Environmental Impact Assessment are able to reach a new level thanks to real time visualization. Traditional solutions, such as still images and videos, offer little interaction between the user and the visualized project. Third Dimension OÜ offers its clients an interactive, real time viewer that allows people to freely study and investigate the 3D model of an existing environment or proposed design. The modelling process is very dynamic and the 3D model can be updated as the design changes.

The 3D viewer can easily be installed and operated in any PC or laptop with an accelerated graphics card. Real time navigation helps our clients view their projects from any angle, and to consider a range of design alternatives in a clearer way. 3D visualizations can be a key tool to improve the communication of project characteristics, benefits and impacts. Public participation processes gain added efficiency, since a clearer and more complete understanding of the project is gained faster through real time visualizations.


Third Dimension OÜ project viewer allows its users to:

- Visualize large-scale geographical areas
- Accurately place 3D vegetation derived from GIS data
- Insert detailed 3D models of civil engineering, infrastructure and architectural projects and elements
- Visualize automatically generated urban areas from GIS or CAD data
- Freely move around 3D models of an existing environment, a historical environment or proposed designs thanks to real time navigation. 
- Evaluate and compare alternatives of a proposed project in a matter of seconds thanks to the "scenario generation" tool (see video above).